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From Shoe Shining To Industrial Nut Marketing

  • Beneficiary : Ertaç Öztürk
  • My name is Ertaç Öztürk, I established a nut packaging and marketing enterprise by name of Öztürk Fındık in Bulacak district of Giresun. We are four brothers and we started to work with the ..

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The Third Call for Application was published on 21.12.2017 under the IPARD II Pr..

  1. 101. Investments In Agrıcultural Holdıngs To Restructure And To Upgrade To Communıty Standards. ;
      101-1 Milk Producing Agricultural Holdings
      101-2 Meat Producing Agricultural Holdings
  2. 103. Investments In Processıng And Marketıng Of Agrıcultural And Fıshery Products To Restructure Those Actıvıtıes And Upgrade Them To Communıty Standards
      103-1 Processing And Marketing Of Milk And Milk Products
      103-2 Processing And Marketing Of Meat And Meat Products
      103-4 Processing And Marketing Of Fishery Products
      103-5 Processing And Marketing Of Fruits And Vegetables
  1. 302. Dıversıfıcatıon And Development Of Rural Economıc Actıvıtıes
      302-1 Diversification And Development Of On-Farm Activities
      302-2 Local Products And Micro Enterprise Development
      302-3 Aquaculture Development
      302-4 Rural Tourism..
      302-5 Su Ürünleri Yetiştiriciliği
      302-6 Machinery Parks
      Renewable Energy Plants

What is ipard programme ?

responsive screens The European Union (EU) has established a new framework for assistance to candidate countries and potential candidate countries by the IPA Council Regulation (EC) No 1085/2006, the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). The instrument has five components and Turkey, as a candidate country and included in annex I of the above Regulation, is entitled to benefit from all five components. The Component V of IPA (IPA Rural Development- IPARD) supports the policy development as well as the preparation for the implementation and management of the Community’s Rural Development Policy, Common Agricultural Policy and related policies. The IPARD funds are to be implemented through a single multi-annual “Rural Development Programme” covering the period 2014-2020.



Leader - Measure



*Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
*General Directorate of Agrarian Reform
*Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment
*Eskişehir Yolu 9. Km, ANKARA/Türkiye